Ali and Malcolm decided to have their wedding at their one-bed London flat, sounds crazy right? But wait until you see their roof terrace! The bride opted for a stunning bridal jumpsuit for the evening's celebrations which was filled with multi-coloured confetti canons, Persian sharing platters and free flowing booze including everyone's favourite an espresso martini. Every aspect of their day was an epic DIY project apart from the flowers which the couple did originally consider doing themselves before instructing the help from a professional. The beautiful brightly coloured arrangements and floral moon gate absolutely transformed their rooftop terrace, and was the finishing touch to their whimsical day, the couple said themselves without the flowers, the day just would not have been the same.


We hosted our wedding on our private rooftop terrace in West London which is pretty unusual! We managed to fit 60 guests (and 12 event staff) into our flat without it ever feeling too cramped. The day successfully moved from ceremony to reception, from fun games to four-course meal and, finally, from cocktail party to disco. We worked tirelessly but being able to plan and design every aspect of the day made it all worth it. Having our closest family and friends celebrate with us in our own home was incredibly special and unforgettable for both us and our guests. Malcolm and I weren’t really into the pressure of having a traditional first dance so we thought we’d surprise our guests with an Irish Dancing Flash-Mob. We came out strutting to Beyoncé and Jay-Z ‘Crazy in Love’. After 15 seconds the music stopped and two Irish dancers dressed as ‘event staff’ broke into the dance floor and started Irish dancing. They then got all our guests to take part in a Céilí which went down a storm. Sharon captured the reaction of our guests perfectly when the Irish Dancing started - they didn’t have a clue what was going on.



与花卉别致的造型保持一致,Ali选择了一个典雅的系带细节和令人惊叹的裙子覆盖的陈述新娘连身衣rime arodaky。After starting the day wearing a beautiful bridal dress byBhldn.用她的白玫瑰花束完美地配备了一个纽扣细节。马尔科姆举行了一个完全苏格兰服装,并在​​他的速柄上看起来非常小。

灵感& Styling

总而言之?花卉别致异想天开 - 美妙的狂欢。我们想要完全改变我们的公寓,让它感觉像个场地,但最重要的是,我们希望这一天成为我们的个人。这就是为什么我的弟弟是庆祝者,我们从朋友和新娘和新郎演讲中读了家庭,歌曲和诗歌。由于我们只有我们最亲密的朋友和家庭礼物,因此令人难以置信的情绪化,而个人氛围则保持全天。我们也希望它很有趣,放松和沸腾 - 我们喜欢一个好派对,所以无限制的镜头是必然!



Be true to yourselves and plan YOUR dream day, whatever that looks like for you! Stick with your gut, even if it means being totally misunderstood right up until the day. We had some dubious reactions from friends and family when we told them our plans but we knew we could pull off our vision. Try to stay relaxed, the less pressure you put on yourselves for everything to be perfect, the more you will enjoy the day and the planning. Make lists, tackle one thing at a time and always say yes to anyone who offers help!


The floral moon gate at this private rooftop wedding completes the day, a beautiful arrangement of brightly coloured florals creating some perfect picture moments. If you're feeling inspired take a look at this marquee wedding featuring a beautiful月亮门拱或者这是富人紫色婚礼随着展示停止的花卉。或者在准备好的钉翼手指上看,看看我们的婚礼鲜花板Pinterest.

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摄影师: Rehan Haque|新娘礼服设计师: Bhldn.|新娘连身裤: rime arodaky|伴娘礼服: 吹口哨|新郎套装: Scabal Savile Row.|Fashion Accessories: 扎拉|餐饮: 汉普斯特德厨房|喝: 雄伟的酒|蛋糕: 蜂鸟面包店彩虹蛋糕|花店: Lizzie Thorne Flowers.|发型师: Michael Howie - Stil Salon|文具: 无限部落|Decor & Hire: 经典陶器活动雇用|酒吧和活动人员: 椒盐