The beautiful array of casual wedding dresses at this industrial wedding venue prove you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, on your wedding day. Be that separates, sequins or satin. Make your dream wedding dress and dream venue work for you. We love the addition of the bright florals and a fabric sign to decorate the altar, providing a real focal point for the nuptials and couples portraits. We think fabric wedding signs, be that for quotes,今天的秩序,表平面图或more, are here to stay.



Martha of Anemone.

由服装设计师菲尼Poppy Perspective的婚礼策划和造型师玛莎银莲花,和摄影师萨尔萨比尔·莫里森这篇社论倡导多样性、友谊和赋予女性权力。Salsabil拍摄的照片展示了每个人对拍摄的热情。包括精心策划的家具和装饰The Collect Co. 柔软的亚麻布米娅·西尔维亚. Modern-boho stationery byWonderland Invites, and artistic cakes by前卫蛋糕工作室. And of course, our stunning models with gorgeous hair and makeup looks byOff Duty Weddings. 所有这些都是惊人的Lilley Studiojewellery and accessories.


与天鹅绒“友谊,爱,真理”的旗帜相呼应的艺术家,制造商Alice Gabb. 在这个不确定的时代,我们想把注意力集中在婚礼最重要的方面——一起庆祝爱情。

Due to more and more micro weddings taking place, brides are feeling more confident to wear casual wedding dresses to their intimate ceremonies. Many, saving their main wedding dress for thesecond part of their wedding. If you need advice on存放婚纱, we asked dress designer Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture to share all her expert knowledge.

Photographer:萨尔萨比尔·莫里森摄影188金宝博亚洲|造型与规划金宝博官网:银莲花Style|Dresses & Planning:Poppy Perspective|发型和化妆:Keri Clark/下班|发型和化妆助理:Makeup by Scarlett Jones|Venue:Asylum Chapel|Florals:自然设计|Prop and Furniture Hire:The Collect Co. |横幅:Alice Gabb|Fabrics:米娅·西尔维亚|Styling Assistant:Studio Porter|Stationery:Wonderland Invites|Cake:Avant Garde Cake Studio|面纱:Sash and Veil|配件:Lilley Studio|五彩纸屑:什罗普郡花瓣|模型:Francesca Fluer,陈晓霞,Michaela|

作者:Lorna Shaw


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