We've been so excited to share this LGBTQ+ wedding inspiration with you byStephanie Dreams Photography,Dreams into Plans Weddings and Eventsand team. Firstly because we want to ensure everyone feels represented whilst looking for wedding ideas on Rock My Wedding, and secondly because it's so incredibly romantic! From the picturesque setting, to real-life couple Georgia and Lauren's intimate portraits. And lastly because we've fallen hook line and sinker for the bridal jumpsuit, I mean... just look at that train! Get your pinning fingers ready!


Romantic LGBTQ+ wedding inspiration at The Manor House in Castle Combe with blush and gold colour scheme.


Castle Combe庄园的华丽地是完美的环境,华丽的地面和隐藏的花园。仪式遗址在Pavillion,穿着华丽的花卉和令人惊叹的窗帘。莫里斯未成年人是完美的汽车,既有趣又可爱,这是看村庄的一个好方法,称为英格兰最漂亮的村庄。TableScape是使用树皮和苔藓的花卉颜色和纹理的完美组合。所使用的颜色非常重要,这对于良好的所有季节和一年中的时间非常重要。以更轻的腮红颜色以及深色勃艮第工作,使一切都觉得更加悠闲,并用所用的鲜花类型铺设。

Stephanie Walton


Castle Combe Manor House在威尔特郡是这个Micro LGBTQ +婚礼灵感的完美位置。周围环绕着图片完美的花园来展示这对夫妻令人难以置信的时尚(你好,梦想的梦想),以及用粉红色的花花,亚麻和锥度蜡烛装饰的亲密表格。加上,不是一个,但两个蛋糕!在电线上显示的饼干上的脉冲位于几何背景的前面,完美匹配腮红配色方案。我无法抵抗其中一个。mmm yum。


Georgia wore a figure hugging dress with amazing train and Lauren a rusty pink suit. The pink veil that Georgia wore made it a little more fun and laid back, which was influnced by the couple themself. Georgia and Lauren then had a wonderful outfit change, with Georgia wearing an amazing jumpsuit and attached skirt, and Lauren with chinos to coordinate and a black tee with more formal shoes. Both lovers had a bouquet, with Lauren having a button hole for the suit outfit. Also both wearing different hair accessories at different times of the day, really added to each indiviual style and trying to not conform with hetronormative traditions. I wanted to put Georgia in a jumpsuit, to show that the more “femme” partner doesn’t have to wear a dress all the time.

Stephanie Walton


Georgia and Lauren’s pronouns are she/her and as an LGBTQ+ Wedding photographer, it’s really important for me to showcase more inclusivity within the Wedding Industry.

Stephanie Walton

像斯蒂芬妮一样,我们摇滚我的婚礼想要确保每个金宝博网址人都有代表,并且可以在我们的页面上找到灵感,所以我们做了一个pledge in June 2020增加多样性。从那以后,我们已经分享了一个更新我们的进度, because this wasn't a tokenistic gesture, we want you to hold us accountable for our actions and know that we will continue to do better and strive to increase representation on our website and social media platforms, now and always.


由Lorna Shaw撰写


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