灵感来自亲密的婚礼和骄傲的月份,ESME Whiteide招募了LGBTQ平等婚礼和真正的同性夫妻Ben和Dylan,带给你这个城市曼彻斯特的闪存,以令人难以置信的方式和鲜花。因为新郎也可以有花束!准备感受到爱情。




There were a number of inspirations behind this shoot, but primarily, we wanted to hand the power to the couple. It's really only the couple that can truly and authentically represent their own love. We shared some exciting ideas, of what we, the team, would like to see more of, from an accessibility point of view, and luckily, it resonated with them too. Ava of @LGBTQEqualityweddings, @WildfireFloralCo, and I, were keen to create something beautiful, yet authentically diverse and representative, using the talents of a small team, and in a city that is known for its diversity!



They chose their own suits, with Ben choosing a timeless, chic, stone-coloured suit from ASOS, which we matched with a blush pink floral tie from Twisted Tailor. Dylan opted for a loud blue floral suit from Moss London, which we matched with a teal bow tie, also from Twisted Tailor. The suits worked really well together – the pattern with the simplicity really paired well, without being at all matchy. When it came to florals, naturally, I asked Wildfire Floral Co to get involved. Sam and Emily have been doing dried florals since 2017, so I knew they’d deliver. We wanted a twist on a bouquet for the boys, so Wildfire created a striking, all dried arrangement, with creamy, beigey, browny tones featuring Protea, Palm Leaves, and Pampas. It tied in with the colours of the city and the urban theme. My photography style is very warm, rich, and romantic, and all the images in this shoot are really intimate and raw. The boys completely trusted me, and let themselves go in front of the camera, which always makes for the best images! Notable locations throughout the shoot were Canal Street, the Northern Quarter, and the Cathedral, creating perfect stylish elopement portrait shots that are timeless and full of PRIDE!








Grooms love flowers too (we know loads that do!), and we wanted to show how bouquets are not restricted by gender. To quote Ava – “bouquets can finish off every wedding outfit, whatever the gender of the person holding it!”. I’d wanted to style a city elopement for a long time, using the urban landscapes as a backdrop for something effortlessly cool. When speaking to Ava of LGBTQ Equality weddings, she mentioned that elopements and more intimate weddings are popular with LGBTQ couples, because of some of the challenges that may come with large family weddings, and sensitivity around assumptions in this regard, is key. We wanted to show how smaller weddings can be personal, beautiful, and just as worthy of celebration. After all, it only takes two people to get married (not including the witnesses!). They may also increase in popularity post-COVID-19, and all the restrictions in place at this time.





ESME Whiteide P188金宝博亚洲hotography.also planned and photographed这种包含的灵感射击at The Giraffe Shed in Wales, with blush dresses, flamingo cakes and disco balls. Trust us it's not to be missed. And, if you're a same sex couple, looking for advice on how to plan your own wedding, read our文章与其他摇滚的建议我的婚礼同性伴侣。金宝博网址


由Lorna Shaw撰写

Concept and Coordination: ESME Whiteide P188金宝博亚洲hotography.|Dried Florals: Sam Williams Flowers|Suits: asos.|苔藓兄弟。|Accessories: 扭曲裁缝|地点:Canal Street | Northern Quarter | Manchester City Centre | Manchester Cathedral

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