Gone are the days of the bog standard PVC marquee wedding. Today's brides have a myriad of super stylish choices laid before them. Canvas marquees, bell tents, tipis (we have an excellent post full of tipi tips fromWorld Inspired Tents here),Yurts,Sperry帐篷和清晰的跨度框架镶边是主要的竞争者。虽然,创造性变化总是弹出(答复)。您可能会考虑与永久性或雇用面条的传统场地,作为婚礼套餐的一部分。或者你可能会加入整个猪并规划你自己的土地或你雇用的土地上的帐篷婚礼。金宝博官网无论哪种方式,这篇文章都装满了鼓舞人心的图像,以获得流动的创意。有了一个门面或帐篷婚礼,你将真正拥有完美的空白画布。


There are so many ways to incorporate a tent or marquee into your day! You may want to host every part of your day in your chosen tent. Or you might have hired the use of a beautiful country home, but want a create a separate space for your ceremony or for the party later on. You may just decide to include a small tent as a whisky snug or a kids play area (though maybe not both in the same tent!). Or you may want to offer an exciting glamping experience for your guests. The uses and reasons to include a tent or marquee are limitless. But here are a few ideas...
There is something almost ethereal about saying ' I do' inside that beautiful white space. And what's more, you get to create the perfect backdrop to your nuptials. Floral arches, moon gates, lighting installations... You really get to design the frame you envision for that (much photographed) moment when you finally become wed. The diffused light through canvas is also very beautiful and of course, you're protecting your guests from the elements should the weather prove temperamental.
Dancefloor and Bar
Now this(!) is how to throw a party. Whether you choose to turnaround your dining space for the evening's festivities or whether you create the ultimate dancefloor by dedicating a tent to dancing (true festival style), there's something about that indoor/outdoor feel that just creates the best party atmosphere. If you're setting up on your own land, you can also dictate how long the party rolls on. Just make sure you're complying with local council noise guidelines and notifying your neighbors if need be.
Kids Play Area
Kids love a tent (along with the rest of us young at heart) so hiring a small teepee and filling it with kid-friendly activities might be a great way to entertain little ones and give them a place of their own. Especially a good idea if you've hired the use of a stately home or a space that isn't equipped to let them run riot. You may even find that both kids and big kids alike will congregate in this cosy, fun space.
你和你的伴侣户外类型吗?您可能希望考虑招聘帐篷或尾灯作为您的新娘套件。您甚至可以将整个体验延长到您的新娘派对或客人。不需要在婚礼之夜的潮湿的帐篷里倾斜它,令人惊叹的阵容luxury bell tents与真正的床,甚至是木材燃烧炉(!!)mean that you can have all the comforts you'd like for that special night, while still getting the experience of waking up to fresh air and birdsong.


所以,正如你可以从这篇文章中讲述,为你的婚礼选择一个帐篷或门面是你一天的令人难以置信的多才多艺。值得指出的另一件事是,虽然夏天是创造该节日的美丽时光,但英国的天气可能是廉洁的,所以这里的最少的是一些来自列表的一些提示PapaKata帮助plan for all the elements。在选择时,我们还为您完成了所有的术区最好的场地提供了大篷, 最好的帐篷/马奎租用公司和eventhe best loo hire companies我们发现了。我们的手中的供应商名录,列表, has you covered for everything you need to create the ultimate wedding festival feel.
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